E 00 Design and build of Dexter

In 2014 I decided to build a RV. On the german pages of this blog I do a documentation about the design and construction phase. Just for my own interests and for those who are interested as well. Due to the international  interest I decided to translate the stuff to the English language. Please accept that I am a natural born language idiot, I need to write it in „easy“ English. I will keep the English version shorter than the German, but there is always a link to the German page for further information.
Please feel free to contact me if you do not understand what I want to describe.

Even if the list of planned improvements is very long, in July 2018 I declared the end of the build phase. But the improvement phase began immediately the next day, here you find actual information about build and improvement.

Myk_E6_14206The technical base is a Mercedes Sprinter chassis 316 CDI with long wheel base. bimobil has installed a cab with a length of 4.35 m on the chassis.

Myk_E6_14202In front of the cabin is the bathroom, in the middle the kitchen which goes into the dinette.

Myk_E6_14186In the back of the cabin the fixed bed is situated.

Myk_E6_14189The size is 1,35 x 2,00 m, on the right side a window (hidden on the photo) and overhead cabinets for clothes on both sides.

Myk_E6_14191Kitchen with drawer block, bottle rack and upper cabinets.

Myk_E6_14203The table has two elements, a fix one and one to slide out.

Myk_E6_14194Above the door the switchboard, beside on the right side the book shelf. On the left side wardrobe and fridge.

Myk_E6_14187USB and DC ports for power supply and charging my devices.

One bathroom side with the compost toilet, on the other side the sink.

Myk_E6_14181The driver’s cab largely corresponds to the delivery condition.

Myk_E6_14178In the garage a drawer for two bicycles and a shelf with Euro boxes.


The following pages contains much more information about planning and building the RV.

The design phase lasted nearly two years, the construction phase lasted from march 2016 to July 2018. It took 110 days to do the conversion.

Content    (if the link do not work the content is still missing)
00 Design (this page)
10 Vehicle
20 Cabin
30 Furniture
40 Electrical system
50 Infotainment
60 Heating system
70 Plumbing
80 Propane system
90 Equipment

Picture gallery

The idea was to travel with my wife and sometimes with the kids without renting an RV each time. On serveral trips we used rented RVs, this is exactly the kind of recreation we like. We will travel in Europe, later maybe to further destination ouside from Europe.

Requirement profile:

  • Two fixed beds, another two which can be used after a little „reorganisation“
  • Permission to travel with four personen, what means four safety belts are necessary
  • Independent providing (water, electricity) for some days
  • Useful kitchen and bathroom
  • Space for necessary movement (not to narrow)
  • Cabinet for bikes and maybe a motorbike
  • 3,5 to max weight (due to German law)
  • Four wheel drive switchable


In principal there are two scenarios for using the RV.

  • Traveling with two persons for some weeks or month
  • Short trips with four persons

Photo Bau008

At the back is a fixed bed for two persons, it is 200 cm long and 134 cm in width. Under the bed is the cabinet for bikes, I call it my garage.

In front of the bed is a bench (L-shaped) and a table. The table can be moved away to get easy access to the bed an the storage space under the bench.

The kitchen has a double sink and a cooker with two burners, multiple drawers under the countertop (including two rubbish bins) and cabinets over the countertop.

Just before the door to the driver’s cab is on the left hand side the wash basin, on the right hand side the toilet. Both, wash basin and toilet have a door. If both doors are open (they open contrarotating) arise a 200 cm long bathroom. If the door in front of the wash basinis open, it closes the passage to the driver’s cab.

Beside the toilet space is a cupboard, it covers the fridge and there is enough space for hanging clothes.

Between the cupboard and the bench is the door.

More information in German




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