E 10 Vehicle

Due to the multi-use approach of the project I searched the „egg-laying and milk-giving wool-pig“ vehicle. Light but stable, fast but efficient, global supply of spare parts, modern but not high-tech, manoeuvrable but big inside, all-terrain and motorway suitable, inexpensive but not cheap ….

After months of research and read along in many forums, I decided to use as a base a Mercedes Sprinter. Because a Van is too narrow for my purpose it became a Chassis with a suitable cabin.

Because I don’t want to stick much work to the RV, if the base is insecure, I looked for a young used Sprinter. Unfortunately I found no chassis with the right dimensions and capabilities. So I decided to order a new vehicle.

This is the oder configuration:

  • Sprinter Chassis CDI 316 / 163 PS
  • 3,5 t total weight
  • Four-wheel-drive switchable
  • Wheelbase 4,325 m
  • Rear axle ratio 4,364
  • Color Graphite Grau Metallic
  • … and much more features, see attachment


  1. Base Order configuration
  2. Base Technical datas
  3. Base weight information
  4. Base Engine information

More information in German


Due to regulatory restrictions, the target was to keep the weight under 3.500 kg. In the end I reached it.

The weight of the chassis was calculated by Daimler with 1,966 kg. This contains tools, full diesel tank and spare wheel.

The chassis including empty cabin (with door, flaps, windows, roof hoods, step) was weighed at 2,520 kg. So the cabin weighs about 550 kg.

After completion of the expansion, the vehicle was weighed again, it came to 3.046 kg. So the interior weight is about 520 kg.

Building phases weight (kg)

Phase total weight front axle rear axle
Chassis 1.966 1.343 624
incl. empty Cabin 2.520 1.445 1.075
incl. Interior 3.046 1.580 1.440
max possible 3.500 1.800 2.250

Dexter now has about 20 kg overweight, as measured by the weight calculation that I set up during the planning. This leaves about 450 kg payload.

For admission to the motorhome the following weights are added (due to german law):

adding total
per person 75 kg body weight 4 x 75 kg 300 kg
per person 10 kg luggage 4 x 10 kg 40 kg
per meter vehicle length 10 kg 6,8 x 10 kg 70 kg
tank capacity 10 l water 10 kg
total 420 kg

In the end there are 30 kg free payload regarding to law.

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