E 30 Furniture

I manufacture the furniture from the material multiplex birch, I like the look at feel of this material. Unfortunately it is quite heavy  which I compensate by design.
The idea is to use frame constructions with thin fillings and if necessary reinforce the thin wood with glued wood slats.

I use several thicknesses. As thin as possible comparing to the use.

  • 4mm for hatches and shelves
  • 6.5mm and 9mm for side walls
  • 12mm for the false floor

The surface of the wood is oiled with OSMO Polyx for protection.


This photo shows the shelf for the shoes, it’s a good example for my construction system.


It is a conventional one with only some minor extras. The measures a width 105 cm and depth 70 cm.

Dexter Küche Plan 2

  • A double sink on the left hand side with two faucets. One connected to the central water system (cold/warm) and one connected to a 10 l canister for drinking water.
  • A cooker with double burner on the right hand side. It is connected to the LPG tank.
  • Due to the 70 cm work top there is much working space in front of the cooker.

Dexter Küche Plan 1


Under the worktop are five drawers for kitchen equipment and one for drawer for liter bins. Behind this special drawer is the place for the LPG tank and the drinking water canister.

Above the work top are overhaed cabinets for dishes and glases. There is enough space for a microwave which I may add later.

Beside the window is space for a little shelf for spices.


The worktop and the drawers are based on a construction from basswood. The slats are 2cm x 3cm which is stable enough for the purpose.

To be continued  …

More information in German

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