80 Propane system

The German law is very strict and there are not so much technical possibilities to built a law conforming system. Because I use propane only for cooking, the propane tank can be a small one. Due to the poor availability of German propane bottles in Europe I decided to install an LPG tank. LPG is available in nearly the whole world, it is cheap and with some different adapters I can fill up my system very easily.

The gas system is very simple. It consists only of tank gas bottle and gas cooker. The entire gas system weighs only approx. 10 kg (without gas but with cooker).

LPG Bottle and Box

For legal reasons the bottle needs a sealed box with a hole in the wall or at the bottom. Outgoing propane can escape out of the camper, this protects against explosive mixture.
The bottle must be secured with an approved holder and with a hook, which fix the bottle at the bottom of the box.


At the valve of the bottle I installed the necessary pressure reducer (30 mbar) with a short hose pipe.

Outside of the box is a additional valve (red) for easy access in case of emergency.
The black tube connects the cooker.

Another hose pipe connects the filling connector.

The filling connector is situated behind a hatch for save and easy access.


We use a cooker with two burners. It is a French model with a plane surface (easy cleaning) and a big grille (good stand for large pots). And I like the piezoelectric igniter of this cooker, because it saves my hands.2016-11-05_154544
And here a picture of the counter top.

More information in German

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