E 50 Infotainment

First of all: Theft senseless!

To secure Dexter several systems are installed. Dexter comes on its own when it’s moved, whether it’s on its own or transported. The location can be queried worldwide at any time. The vehicle can be monitored and the ignition switched off. The energy supply of the protection systems is self-sufficient for months, so that the systems continue to function even when the vehicle or body battery is removed.

Of course, how the systems work in detail and where they are installed will not be revealed here.

There are three Infotainment sources in the Van.

  • Multimedia
  • Navigation
  • iPad


I use a Kenwood DNX 4230 DAB with this key features:

  • Radio analog and DAB
  • CD-Player with MP3
  • DVD-drive
  • Garmin Navigation
  • Steering wheel adapter available for Sprinter

I ordered the Sprinter without a radio, but with wiring for a radio and with standard speakers.

First I removed the covering.MYK_RX1_01056

The Kenwood fits into the standard frame.MYK_RX1_01064

Finished, perfect result.



I use a Garmin Camper 760 because of this features:

  • large screen
  • Tripplanning via Garmin Basecamp possible
  • Connection of cam possible
  • Integrated Campground POI

I installed the Garmin instead of the rearview mirror.

First I removed the rearview mirror and the covering.

Die Abdeckung der Elektronik ist nur eingeklipst. In der MItte ist die Aufnahme des Spiegelhalters erkennbar.

The original montage ball do not fit for the Garmin device, I fixed a new ball.
Die Originalkugel wurde abgesägt und eine passende aus dem Zubehörhandel montiert. Das Spiegelhalter ist aus massivem Aluminium und sehr gut bearbeitbar.
The wiring comes from the overhead compartment.
Das Anschlußkabel des Garmin von oben aus dem Dachhimmel heranführen. Geht sehr einfach, da hier auch werksseitig Kabel geführt werden.
Anstecken. Geht! Und ist sauber montiert.
I like the result.
Navi ist gut sicht- und bedienbar. Kein Kabel baumelt herum, passt!


During our trips we use the iPad for music and trip information. I installed a rail system as a base for the RAM-Mount ball.
There are three screens if we are fully equipped.

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