E 60 Heating system

We use a Truma D6 E with this features:

  • Heating with diesel
  • Heating with 230V if the van is connected to the grid.
  • I don’t like air heating to much, but the system has much less weight than a water based heating system.
  • 10 l hot water boiler
  • Usable up to 2.750 m height

The system is situated under the sink in the front of the cabin. Not so good for the air distribution, but perfect for a short hot water system. And much distance between the heating system and the bed, a nice solution because of the operating noise at night.

First ist I did all the wiring for the heating system and installed the control unit

The system itself was mounted, I asked a specialist to do this for me.


Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Both diesel pumps are mounted at the chassis, there are so quiet, you hear no operation noise inside the van.


Exhaust outlet


Unfortunately the heating specialist who mounted the system connected the system not very clever to the wiring, so I had to improve this part of the installation.



To be continued …

More information in German

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