E 70 Plumbing

We have two different water supply systems. One for drinking water and another one for  domestic water. Both are connected to the sewage system. The toilet is a compost toilet.

Drinking water

The system ist very compact, it consist of a 10l-canister, pump, 60 cm hose and a outlet. The idea behind this design is avoiding contamination of the drinking water. For this I avoided as much components as possible.

Here you can see nearly the whole system, it is built in one of the galley drawers.Myk_RX1_01809

The outlet is self designed and built.




Domestic water system

Purpose of this system is cleaning of the family and the dishes. It contains of tank, filter, pump, expansion tank, pipes, boiler and faucets.

The tank is custom made from PE, with the measurements 64x53x40 cm, it is good for 123l water.



The tank is situated in the bench, which means it sits right above the rear axle. I like the solution because of the good weight distribution.

To be continued …

Sewage system

It is a greywater system, because the toilet have no connection to the system.

The tank is also custom made from PE, with the measurements 130x52x20 cm it is good for 119l greywater.

The sewage pipe system is made from PVC-U. It is a very durable system, the connections are made with a special glue und special fittings.

The sinks are connected with two T-fittings. The odor traps are made with a couple of 45° fittings.



The drainage valve is outside under the floor of the Van. To keep it free from icing I added a 12V heating pad.






The drainage valve is covered by a box to keep it clean and free from icing.



Compost toilet

Using this type of toilet is complete unusual in Europe. But there are some other guys
who checked it out, so I decided to do so.

I installed a Privy 501 separator in a wooden box. The urine goes into an 10l canister, the big things fall in a bin, covered with a once bag.



In the left compartment is space for cleaning utilities, in the middle are the canister and the bin. On the right side is space for toilet paper.

To keep the RV free from unpleasant odors I installed a ventilator in the box. It sucks the air thru the wooden box and press it out of the van.


More information in German

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